Dec 11, 2020

Winter Storage Unit Solutions

Winter Storage Unit Aisle Featured Image

Every year winter comes around and surprises us. Snow comes way too early and we aren’t ready for it. If you’re like us sometimes we run out of time to get a handle on preparing for winter storage at our house. It is never too late to take care of things properly although you might have to brave the cold. Taking advantage of a storage unit during the winter will make winter less miserable. Whether you’re using your garage or one of our storage units it’s important to store these things properly. Many of our customers keep their storage unit all year and rotate seasonally spring, fall, winter items back and forth as they need them. This allows them to keep the seasonal things they need right at home when they need them as well as freeing up more garage space.

At Applewood Self Storage safety is our number one goal. Learn about how to stay safe during the winter with our winter safety plan.

Outside Furniture

If you have patio furniture you probably want to move them inside. Patio furniture that has cushions are extra important to move inside. We recommend putting them into plastic totes or large plastic bags during winter storage. Before you do that, you should wash them and make sure they are fully dry before sealing them away for the winter.

Plastic furniture can become brittle and easily crack if left in the cold and snow all winter. It is a good idea to move it inside too if you have the room. Outdoor furniture can be clunky and hard to store. Buying stackable furniture is a game-changer when putting it away for the winter.

Winter Storage Unit for Recreational Equipment

Are you an outdoor adventurer during the summer? Having kayaks, bikes, or canoes outside all winter can be tough on them. When you put them to use in the spring, they may need some TLC first. Can you fit them inside your garage or storage unit? If not at least try to cover them for winter. Keeping the snow and moisture off of them goes a long way in helping them last longer.

Over the years these are many of the things people put into their storage units for the winter.

  • Canoe
  • Kayak
  • Bikes
  • Golf Clubs
  • Pool Toys
  • Boat Toys
  • Camping Gear

Holiday Decorations

May folks keep a year-long storage unit to keep decorations from Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas. They get one of our storage units and rotate the items back and forth as they need them. Before piling all your outdoor gear into storage remember to get anything you will need for winter. It is a lot easier to get your holiday decorations or winter gear out now before you cover it up with outdoor furniture or equipment.

Whether it’s large cooking trays, extra dishes, or the Christmas Tree and holiday ornaments. Make sure to get them out of storage or make a path to get to them easily. Do you store your winter jackets or blankets? Make sure to get them out as well. Learn some great ways to help save space and simplify holiday storage.

Wearing lots of layers will make moving your outdoor things into storage a lot more enjoyable.

Winter Storage Unit to Creating Space in the Garage

Sometimes you can fit all of your outdoor stuff into your garage or basement, but can your car fit in there?  If you have lived in a colder climate as we do here in Wisconsin, you know how much of a pain it is to scrape off your windshield is every morning. You will appreciate putting your vehicle inside your garage.

Anything items you know you won’t need until spring are great candidates for putting into a storage unit for the winter. It is better to take advantage of this before the first major snow when you are out braving the blizzard to scrape off your car.