Personal Self Storage

During their lifetime, customers experience a variety of life events. Reacting to these life events finds the customer now in the need of a self-storage locker. Whether the need is household storage to stage the home for sale, or assisting an aging parent with a move, or relocating to Madison, storing household items is most common. Seasonally, to steer clear of Mother Nature’s wrath, we see cars, trucks and an array of recreational vehicles (RV’s, boats, campers, jet skis, motor cycles).

Other uses range from a business needing to store tax records off site or excess inventory. Those businesses realize that storage is a more economical than the cost per square foot of their office space. Contractors also find themselves in the need of larger units with wider and taller doors.

We understand that whatever your life event that places you in the need of a self-storage locker, your time-frame is dynamic, being subject to change. So renting from us is on a month-to month on a calendar month (1st to 30/31st) basis. Nothing needs to be any longer than you deem necessary! When, heaven forbid, you’re ready to leave us, all you need to do is email us by the 15th (or sooner) of the month you are leaving.

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