Storage Use Guide – Why You Need A Self Storage Locker

Remember, No Long-Term Contracts Needed
We understand that whatever your life event (personal or business) that places you in the need of a self-storage locker, your time-frame is dynamic, being subject to change. So renting from us is on a month-to month on a calendar month (1st to 30/31st) basis. Nothing needs to be any longer than you deem necessary! When, heaven forbid, you're ready to leave us, all you need to do is email us by the 15th (or sooner) of the month you are leaving.
Moving Resources to Make the Task Easier
Regardless of why you need storage, you probably could use a little guidance on how to get ready to move into our self-storage rooms. Please feel free to print off these resources to make your task easier!

Why Do You Need Self Storage?

Household/Personal Self Storage Lockers
During their lifetime, customers experience a variety of life events. Reacting to these life events places them in need of a self-storage locker. Household storage is often used to de-clutter a home or garage, or to stage a home for sale. Other uses for storage are to store warehouse items during a home remodeling project, or if they are in the midst of moving.
Business Storage Units
AppleWood Self Storage provides a variety of self-storage room options to meet your business storage needs. If the goal is to free up your valuable office space by emptying your overflowing filing cabinets and storage rooms, renting a mini storage locker is a budget-conscious alternative to allow you to use expensive office space for a higher use than storage. Renting a storage room is on a calendar-month basis, so you can stay as long as you need.
Typical reasons a business needs a self-storage locker are:
  • Climate control – Whatever your product is, from pharmaceutical supplies to electronic equipment, it is safer in a climate-controlled environment. Climate control protects against severe temperature changes and fights moisture and humidity.
  • Business storage during office moves.
  • Flex-space storage – As your needs change, we can assist in moving you to a smaller or larger storage locker to fit your needs.
  • Fiscally appropriate – Storage is an excellent solution to free up your valuable office space by emptying overflowing file cabinets and storage rooms and to store seasonal or product inventory in climate-controlled storage environments. Most likely, our cost per square foot will be much more fiscally friendly too!
  • Document and record storage.
  • Office furniture storage or extra inventory storage.
What Self Storage Unit Does My Dorm/Student Need?
If home is a time zone away or it is just not practical to rent a moving van to bring your student's possessions home for a few months, then renting a storage room is your answer. The lion's share of dorm students will find a drive-up, non-heated storage unit adequate. NOTE: Our units are a full 8' tall (many in the market are a shorter height). Some students, due to the nature of their items, elect to choose a climate-controlled storage room size (10' tall).
Vehicle, Boat, Camper & RV Storage Garages
We offer a variety of inside self-storage garage options for your various vehicles, including motorcycles, automobiles, recreational vehicles, storage trailers and boats on trailers. All vehicles must be insured and in running condition. We request that you show us a copy of the registration/title to verify ownership.
IMPORTANT: Please know all dimensions, width, length, height of your item before contacting us.
Benefits of car storage:
  • Frees up space for vehicles you only use seasonally.
  • Helps retain the resale value of your vehicles.
  • Protects from the sun, weather and paint oxidation.
  • Protects tires and extends time between detailing.
  • Extends life and reduces required maintenance.
  • Prevents water and chemical spotting.
  • Prevents intrusion of rodents, birds or insects.
Benefits of RV, camper and boat storage:
  • Protects from dust, dirt, mold, dry rot and mildew.
  • Protection from direct sun exposure.
  • Safeguards vehicle body from fading and cracking by blocking UV rays.
  • Helps maintain lower interior temperatures by reflecting infrared rays.
  • Prevents damage from chemicals and harmful substances.Helps minimize the breaking of plasticizers in the vinyl of the seats to resist fading and cracking.
  • Prevents premature cracking of tires on vehicles, especially in the sidewall area, which can lead to blowouts.
Musical Instrument Storage
If you collect instruments, play in a band or just love music, your treasured items need humidity protection in a climate-controlled storage unit (not temperature-controlled, which protects from freezing, but offers no humidity protection).
To maintain sound, tune and overall integrity, musical instruments must be kept within certain environmental conditions provided by climate-controlled storage rooms. Heat, cold and humidity take a toll on your instruments, and the damage may not be repairable.
When selecting a climate-controlled storage locker, ensure that the temperatures inside the units are always kept between 50°F and 80°F without any wild fluctuations in this range. Also confirm that the relative humidity is maintained below 60 percent.
How Do I Store While Moving Overseas or Storing Long-Term?
Whether you’re in the military, retiring, studying abroad or relocating overseas for a job, using self-storage and following a few tried-and-true practices can make your move much easier.
  • Leaving things behind vs. cost and uncertainty of shipping. You can’t take everything with you. Not only is it impractical, but international shipping is very expensive. It’s so expensive, in fact, that it’s often cheaper to leave larger items behind and just buy something else in your new country.
  • Shipping overseas instead. When using a storage locker, you will only be packing what fits in that space. Shipping long distance or overseas requires more consolidation with the uncertainties of the cost of packaging, cost of shipping and any potential damage during shipping.
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Climate-controlled storage room benefits are:

  • Temperature maintained between 50º-80ºF.
  • Relative humidity kept below 60 percent.
  • Minimum risk of warping, cracking, rust and corrosion.
  • High protection from dust, dirt and flooding.
  • Comfortable temperature for customers who frequently add, remove or organize.
Do I Need A Climate-Controlled Storage Room?
Not to be confused with temperature control, which keeps contents from freezing, a climate-controlled storage unit ensures your belongings are safe from extreme hot and cold weather and protected from extreme humidity. Excessive temperature swings can damage your climate-sensitive possessions, such as photos, computer equipment, furniture, CDs, wax materials, pharmaceutical supplies, etc. Relative humidity above 60 percent for extended periods of time can create an environment for mold to accumulate. Climate-controlled storage rooms are the perfect solution for your personal and business storage requirements.

What Should NOT Be Stored in a Self-Storage Unit?

When discussing with us your consideration to rent a self-storage locker from us, recall that we ask what you are storing. We do so purely with the interest of safety in mind. As a general rule, any item or material that is considered “inherently dangerous” will not be allowed. Below is a list of things to NOT bring into your mini self-storage unit with us. If unsure, always ask!
  • Combustible, flammable, hazardous or toxic materials
  • Tires (no more than a set of 4)
  • No inoperable, uninsured, unregistered vehicles
  • Construction equipment
  • Anything human, pet or animal foods
  • NO bird seeds, grass seeds, fertilizers
  • Anything living; no plants & animals
  • Stolen items, Weapons