Apr 30, 2021

UW-Madison Dorm Move Out Hacks

UW-Madison Dorm Move Out Hacks Featured Image

When the school year is coming to an end it can be a busy time for moving. You need to be able to take advantage of your time so use our move-out hacks to help you move out of your UW-Madison Dorm. A year spent in your UW-Madison Dorm has wrapped up and you or your child needs to find a place to store their things for the summer. There are many ways to go about summer storage. Sometimes parents can’t make it to help their kid move out of their dorm. We have some hacks that can help simplify your move out of your UW-Madison Dorm.

UW-Madison Dorm Move Out Hack 1: Separate Your Items

Start by packing up the things you need for the summer. Pack the bag you will be taking home with you. By separating your things, it will be easier for you to figure out how much stuff you need to put into storage. This way once you reach out to a storage facility you will have a better idea of what size you will need.

UW-Madison Dorm Hack 2: Easy to Carry Containers

Sometimes you have an extra backpack or gym bag that’s not going with you. Use these items to help pack up your things. They are great for holding items and not taking up needed space in plastic totes or boxes. If you are using boxes, make sure they aren’t too heavy so you can easily move them.

Typically, we find people prefer to store things in clear plastic totes. This makes things easy to find and many totes have handles that make them easy to carry. We have an entire blog about other storage tips that you can use to learn other helpful ways to store your things.

MOVING OPTIONS: Storage Unit With Aisle

When you can’t make it out to help your child move here are some great options. They can help you keep your move simple. This way you can focus on exams and the end of the school year.

UW-Madison Dorm Hack 3: Ridesharing to your Storage Unit

If you have small boxes, a couple of bags, or totes this option might work great for you. Think can my stuff fit in the trunk of a car? Maybe you rent a Zipcar, Lyft, Uber, or Green Cab. Green Cab is a local taxi company that uses Tesla Model 3 so they have ample trunk space. Load up your vehicle and take it to your storage unit. It is a great way to move things when you can.

UW-Madison Dorm Move Out Hack 4: Use a Mover

Many movers in the Madison area have done dorm room moves before. We prefer to work with a few as they are always professional and helpful to their customers. Two Men and a Truck, Gorilla Movers, and Badger Brothers Movers have all been to our facilities many times. They are all great at helping direct you through the packing and moving steps. Over our years of working with them, they will help make your UW-Madison dorm Move out so easy it will feel like a hack.

UW-Madison Dorm Hack 5: Full-Service Move

Over the past few years, this has been increasingly common. We call this our contactless full-service move. When neither you nor your child can be present for the move, we can be on-site to take pictures and document your things being moved into your storage unit. We can also take care of the move-out process as well. So next fall when your child is ready to move into their next place under your permission, we can let your mover back in. You never have to be on-site and your things will be kept safe. Read more about this process in our long-distance dorm room move.