Feb 26, 2021

Using Cardboard Boxes for your Storage Unit

Using Cardboard Boxes for Storage Featured Image

Inside of storage units, we see all types of containers to hold your things. We always recommend them being clear plastic totes but sometimes that isn’t possible. When you are moving an entire home cardboard boxes are much more cost-effective. There are strategies to make your life easier. With the right steps, you can make cardboard boxes just as useful as plastic totes when in your storage unit.

Choose Correct Size Cardboard Boxes

There are a lot of different-sized boxes out there. They can range from being able to fit a couch to much smaller toiletry-sized boxes. Try to stick to two different-sized boxes for your things. Paper boxes with tight-fitting lids work great for moving and storing things. If you work in an office, ask your employer if you can take some of the boxes. The two different sizes make them easy to stack.

Loading the Boxes

If you end up with a box that is too large you might think this is great thinking that I can put all my kitchen into one box. All that stuff in one box can get heavy very fast. Large boxes are better for pillows and other light items that take up a lot of space. While smaller boxes are great for heavy items like books and fragile knick-knacks.

Label Each Cardboard Box Before Putting in Your Storage Unit

As you pack things away label each box with what is in it. If not using clear storage containers proper labeling will make it easy for you to look at a box and know what is inside.  Use a thick permanent marker or Sharpie so you can easily read from a distance your label markings. Be careful your labeling information doesn’t smear. Write on at least 2 sides and on top of what is inside the box, so it is easy to find when in your storage unit.

Tip: We Have a labeling kit resource that includes templates, directions, and an inventory sheet so you can keep track of all your boxes.

Keep Cardboard Off the Floor

When cardboard boxes are on the concrete floor, they can accumulate condensation. We recommend the use of our plastic pallets on the floor of a storage unit. Pallets give you a little extra protection from the elements. They prevent condensation from creating on your boxes. They also give an added layer of protection in the case of a flood.

Shelving Can Be Your Friend Storage Unit Shelving

Keeping cardboard boxes on shelving within your storage unit can keep all your boxes accessible and prevent any of your boxes from getting squished. Shelving is ideal to not let the cardboard boxes get smashed. Cardboard is not designed to hold a lot of weight and stacking many boxes for a long time is asking for them to fail. Shelving will prevent this from occurring. Another added benefit of shelving is it keeps things off the floor. Just like was previously stated this is a must with cardboard boxes. Place those lighter boxes and totes on the higher shelves. Also, keep a small folding step ladder to easily reach the top shelf of your shelving unit.

Properly Lift Boxes

If you have packed your boxes and labeled them well, you can have an idea of how heavy each box will be. Don’t try to lift too many boxes at once as that can become an unnecessary strain on your back. Also, bend your knees and lift with your legs not just your back. If you don’t think you can move everything yourself enlist the help of some friends or hire a moving company. Help your friends or moving company by labeling boxes that are heavy or fragile so they take extra care.