May 28, 2020

The Value of Using Storage for Your Recreational Vehicle Home Base

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The Difference Between Men and Boys is the Price of Their Toys & Where They Store Them

Summer is just around the corner and once again you are planning on using your garage as your recreational vehicle home base. Great plan but if your boat, ATV, motorcycle, or classic car is in the garage and your wife’s car gets the other half.  That leaves you out on the street.

All men have a toy that they consider their baby. Whether it’s your car, RV, camper, ATV, motorcycle, or boat. You have something that you care about and would be sick if it got scratched sitting on the street or from kids playing. That’s why at AppleWood Self Storage we are here to keep your beauty safe and easy to access at a moment’s notice.

When you want to take your vehicle out for a spin or go on a long trip you don’t want to be messing around with getting it ready to go. By using a storage unit there is no need to have to jockey your wife’s car out of the way, move the kids bikes anymore. You just want to load up the gear, hook up the rig and leave town or get on the water.

Wide Blacktop Aisles Provides Quick Access

Wide Aisle Recreational Vehicle Home BaseNow that the workday is over you want to get out on the water and relax. You don’t want any more stress to make that happen. Your time is important, so make your life easier by using a storage facility with wide aisles.

AppleWood Self Storage facilities were designed with wide aisles. We make accessing your boat, camper or RV easily accessible with wide blacktop paved aisles ranging from 35 feet or more in front of our units.

We know how exhausted you can be after a long camping trip or a long day on the water. Having a wide aisle storage unit as your recreational vehicle home base makes putting it away a breeze.

Unit Size Based on Vehicle Size

When you call AppleWood Self Storage we strive to help you get the most out of your storage experience. Along with our wide aisles, we have large sizes to accommodate your needs. Whether you have a large or small recreational vehicle we will make sure that the storage unit fits your needs.

If you have a tall RV or camper we can get you into one of our taller units designed to store larger vehicles. Our large units range from 10×20 to 12×30 foot units. Our 12×30 units have 11’Wx12’T doors. These units were designed with your RV and campers in mind.

When storing a trailer, you have to remember the length of your trailer. Just last week we had a customer call about storing his 16-foot Lund fishing boat. 16 feet sounds pretty simple but it won’t fit into a 10×20. You have to remember the prop on the back extending another 3 feet and the tongue adding another 4 feet off the front. Now you have 23 feet of length and still need to worry about the width and height. So, we need to know the exact dimensions of your boat’s length, width, and height.

Why the Location of your Recreational Vehicle Home Base is Important

You have your favorite lakes to go out on your boat or camping spots. Our locations are just off the Beltline and next to the interstate making it easy to quickly dash out of town or get your boat on the water. Wherever you are taking your toy, our storage units are great location for your home base.

Are you looking to leave town for the weekend? Our locations are only one exit away from the interstate. All you have to do is swing by your storage unit, hook up your trailer and you will be on your way.

Planning on going fishing right after you get off work? It’s just as simple. AppleWood Self Storage locations are only minutes away from your favorite lake. Lake Waubesa is just across Stoughton Road. Lake Monona’s Olin and Olbrich Park boat launches are just up the road. If you prefer Lake Kegonsa, Stoughton is only a 15-minute drive. Even Lake Mendota’s Tenny Park boat launch is under 20 minutes away.

Using a Recreational Vehicle Home Base to Extend Its Life

When your vehicle isn’t in use you want to keep it protected from the elements. Both wind and UV rays can quickly fade the finish and erode the future resale value. We know how important your toy is to you and want it to stay in its best condition possible.

By putting your boat, camper or RV in a storage unit when not being used, it won’t be affected by UV rays or potential rain and hail that can put dents in the roof. You live in Wisconsin and the weather isn’t always the greatest. Make your toy last the test of time by keeping it safe in a storage unit at AppleWood Self Storage.

If you leave your boat in the water for the summer, it can get water lines and fade from the elements. A boat sitting in the water is prone to collect barnacles, algae damage, waterline stains, and being tossed around under heavy winds. You can spend more time out on the water and less time cleaning and polishing your boat.

Let Storage Become Your Base of Operations

A bonus of using a storage unit for your recreational vehicle is that you have a place to store all those accessories. No more wasted time looking for where everything is at. If you have extra fishing rods, wakeboards, or water skies that you don’t always take with you then you can leave them behind in your storage unit. When you are ready to head out, everything is right in your storage unit, ready to go!

If you’re taking your camper out for the weekend but not taking your bikes, kayaks or canoe with you, you can leave them in your storage unit. Same thing with your car. Leave it behind at your home base and take the RV out for the weekend. When you get back your car will be safe and sound in your storage unit keeping it safe from any theft and the elements.

Still not sure about why you need a storage unit as your recreational vehicle home base. We have more information on our RV, Camper, Boat Storage Page

If you think this is a good option for you fill out our request a quote form and we can get you set up with a properly sized unit for your recreational vehicle home base today.

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