Jun 08, 2020

Storage Packing Tips to Simplify Your Move

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Packing your things and moving them into storage can be a stressful experience. This isn’t something that you do every day. Over the years we have observed the different ways people move things into their storage units. We have seen things that work and things that don’t. We kept have kept track of the best ones in order to give you the best list or storage packing tips we could. Each storage packing tip is designed to keep your items safe and simplify your move in and move out process. We hope that these tips help make your next packing, organizing, or move easier.

Storage Packing Tip 1: Item Inventory List

This may sound tedious but make a list of everything that you are packing. This will help you sort out items and make sure nothing is left behind. Creating a list of the items you plan on storing can also help you decide on what size storage unit you will need. It can also be extremely helpful to use as you start having items in multiple places. If you have ever put something away and forgot where it is, you will appreciate how much this helps. Use your checklist to track what items are in your storage unit and what items still need to go into your storage unit.

Use our item inventory worksheet to help you with creating your item inventory list as a way to assist you in your move. You can use it as a checklist by printing it off or use it as an example for helping you create your own list.

Storage Packing Tip 2: Pack Strategically 

Organize your things by type of item and room that they are usually used to help make finding and unpacking items easier. Your list will help you if you are having trouble figuring out what gets packed together with what. You will thank yourself when the time comes to unpack boxes easily by room. Another great perk of packing strategically is it will help you find items if you need something out of your storage unit.

Storage Packing Tip 3: Use Same Sized Boxes or Containers for Easy Stacking

So often when people are packing to put things in a storage unit, they use whatever boxes are available to them. However, this can become a problem later when they go to stack their boxes. Stacking different size boxes can make things unstable and use up more space.

Instead, use one or two of the same-sized boxes to store your items. By storing your items in similar sized boxes, it will make them easier to stack and take up less space in your storage unit. Often people like to use a smaller size box for heavier items and a larger size for large lightweight objects. Another use of people is to use clear plastic containers that are see-through so they can easily find items they are searching for.

Storage Packing Tip 4: Label Boxes 

After you have filled a box with items make sure to label the box with what is inside of it. Nothing is worse when trying to find something and you don’t have any labels on the boxes to tell you what is inside of them. Unless you are extremely lucky, you probably opened a dozen boxes before finding the item you wanted.

To prevent this label the boxes on at least two sides and the top so that whatever way they are stacked you will be able to see how it is labeled. Also, by labeling the box it is easy to see which side is the top, so it is less likely to be stored upside down.

Box labeling kit

To help with this we created a moving box label kit that can help simplify your life when packing.  All directions are included in the kit to help you use the label kit to help get your boxes ready for your moving or storage needs.

Storage Packing Tip 5: Use a Wardrobe Box

If you have ever tried to move your entire closet, you know how tough it can be. Clothes can be difficult to pack up and then if you take them off the hangers now you have a tangled mess of hangers too. That’s where a wardrobe box comes in handy. A wardrobe box is a taller box that has a rod across the top. You can put your clothes in while still on the hangers and hang them on the rod inside the box. This makes moving your entire closet a breeze. Do be aware that this can get heavy if you stuff it very full and may require more than one person to move.

Storage Packing Tip 6: Books are Heavy 

Some items don’t seem overly heavy but multiples of them can add up. Something like books can get heavy fast. While they aren’t fragile it makes it easy to try and stuff a lot of them in a box, they can really weigh down the box. Try using your smaller sized box for your books and other heavy items. Other heavy items to be aware of are plates, bowls, and glassware. If it can easily stack it can also become heavy quickly while taking up little space.  Also when stacking, stack the heaviest boxes or plastic totes on the bottom with lighter boxes as you work your way up.

Storage Packing Tip 7: Wrap Fragile Items

Many items can be fragile, and you want them protected. You also may have a bunch of old blankets or towels that you can use to protect them. Take plates, vases, glassware, or picture frames and wrap them in old towels to keep them safe. If you run out of old towels and blankets use old newspaper and bubble wrap. This can do the trick just as well. When you are able to combine your blankets and towels with your dishes it creates fewer boxes to carry in the long run.

Will you need a storage unit soon? If so you should check out our blog on what you need to know before renting a storage unit. It is designed with you in mind. It teaches you about what to be mindful of when renting a storage unit.

Otherwise, contact us today to schedule a visit and storage consultation to determine the best size for your needs and if you need climate control or a non-heated unit. We look forward to seeing you!

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