Eco-Friendly Storage

Our Community Involvement Focuses on Support of Law Enforcement and Green Energy Practices

Our family is life-long residents of Dane County. As a family-owned local business, we continually look for ways to enhance our community’s experience in the areas of the environment and safety.

To have an impact our efforts are focused on Community Safety and Environmental Green Energy by supporting our local law enforcement agencies and implementing green, energy-conservation practices at our facilities. Below outlines our efforts in the green arena!

Our Environmentally Green Practices:

  • Our company vehicles are Hybrid (SUV and truck).
  • All lighting at 4019 Marsh Rd is LED. Other lighting replace with LED.
  • 4019 Marsh Rd location is 96% solar energy efficient.
  • All facilities are Green Built, employing Energy-Efficient Materials & Practices.
  • Storage building components purchased locally from Trachte in Sun Prairie.

Solar Panels at 4019 Marsh Rd:

Working with Sun Peak, our 4019 Marsh Rd storage campus’s solar system provides a projected 96% usage offset. With net-metering with MG&E over production is being served back to the grid. In months of low solar production, MG&E will supplement facility demand needs.