About Climate Control

What does Climate Control mean? Do I need it?

Our climate-controlled buildings maintain a range from 50-85°F (winter season at 55-60°F and summer season at 80-85°F) with relative humidity below 60 percent. Mold can grow in a temperature range above 40°F and below 100°F if the RH% is above 60 for 48-72 straight hours. So while a temperature-controlled facility can protect from heat and freezing, they cannot maintain that important RH level below 60 percent throughout the year! Our climate controlled storage units are professionally designed for this use (unlike a converted grocery store or warehouse retrofit).

Customers typically need a climate-controlled storage room if storing:

  • antique or fine furniture
  • oriental rugs
  • musical instruments
  • pianos
  • pool tables
  • household appliances
  • electronics
  • furs
  • fluids (things that can’t freeze)
  • photos
  • paintings
  • fine art
  • books
  • stamp and/or coin collections
  • comics
  • archival quality documents and professional journals and books

Our Climate Controlled Units

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Simply huge with large 11'W x12'T door with 14' interior ceiling
RV, business or contractor storage. Many customers "build out" shelving and steps to take full advantage of the interior height.
12' W x 11' H
(144" W x 132" H)
13' W x 12' H x 0' L
(156" W x 144" H x " L)
Just a couple left
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Will hold a chest of drawers, a small mattress set, boxes and small items. Useful for garden tools or seasonal, decorative items.
3'8" W x 6'8" H
(44" W x 80" H)
5' W x 9' H x 5' L
(60" W x 108" H x 60" L)
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Walk-In Closet
Most often Dorm room or Studio apartment. Or a couch, chairs/table or mattress, bikes, several small boxes.
3'8" W x 6'8" H
(44" W x 80" H)
5' W x 9' H x 10' L
(060" W x 108" H x 0120" L)
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Studio or
Best for Studio or 1-bedroom apartment. Small furniture, chairs, recreational equipment.
6' W x 6'8" H
(72" W x 80" H)
7'6" W x 10' H x 10' L
(90" W x 120" H x 120" L)
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Average-size 1-bedroom
Furnishings for a studio or one-bedroom apartment, plus boxes, bike, few appliances.
8'8" W x 6'8" H
(104" W x 80" H)
10' W x 9' H x 10' L
(120" W x 108" H x 120" L)
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Large-size 2 bedroom apartment or small 2-bedroom home
2-bed apartment OR small house OR small auto OR small camper.
8'8" W x 6'8" H
(104" W x 80" H)
10' W x 9' H x 15' L
(120" W x 108" H x 180" L)
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Typical 1-Car Garage
3 bed house OR auto OR small camper. This photo shows dinosaur bones headed overseas to natural history museum (can't make this stuff up!)
8'8" W x 6'8" H
(104" W x 80" H)
10' W x 9' H x 20' L
(120" W x 108" H x 240" L)
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Average-size 1- bedroom
4-5 bed house OR smaller boat OR auto OR truck. Good for businesses not needing climate control that may want to use racks to store excess inventory.
9' W x 11' H
(108" W x 132" H)
10' W x 12' H x 25' L
(120" W x 144" H x 300" L)
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One-and-a-half-car Garage
4-5 bed house OR smaller boat OR auto OR truck. Great for businesses & tradesmen not needing climate control but have excess inventory they can store on racking or shelving.
9' W x 11' H
(108" W x 132" H)
10' W x 12' H x 30' L
(120" W x 144" H x 360" L)
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Jumbo One-and-a-half-car Garage + height
If you need to keep from freezing and want humidity protection. Ideal for big things that need a wide and tall door, and wide outside aisle to back in. Perfect if you don't want to pay for winterizing your RV or boat. Great business or contractor unit for storing excess inventories, stock, building equipment. Just a huge unit!
11' W x 11' H
(132" W x 132" H)
12' W x 12' H x 30' L
(144" W x 144" H x 360" L)

“Just like EVERYONE else, I got great service from Dave at Applewood. My trailer was stored outside, at the Dairy Drive location. I have stored my trailer many places in 3 states, but I never felt it was really secure until I stored it at Applewood. Great security, easy 24/7 access, a clean, PAVED (!) parking pad, easy payment options, and easy to follow instructions made this a really good experience. The fact that my rental is also slightly supporting our “Officers In Blue” was also a plus. If I need to store anything else while I’m in the Madison area, Dave WILL get a call from me. Thank You Applewood.”

James Melka
(Gentleman needing outside storage for a trailer)