Dec 28, 2020

Solar Powered Climate Control Storage

Solar Powered Climate Control Storage Featured Image

Solar Powered Climate Control Storage

Along with using LED Lights and well-insulated buildings and doors we have solar panels to limit our impact while keeping your things safe in climate control storage. Our 4019 Marsh Road Location has solar panels on the roof of one of it’s building. As a solar powered climate control building the sun is able to help power our 4019 Marsh Road location. As part of our plan to limit our impact on the world, we have installed solar panels on the roof of one of our buildings.

Self-Storage Facilities are a great land source to install solar panels. With large spans of flat roofs, it is possible to get a lot of exposure on the solar panels. Applewood Self Storage is the first facility in Dane County to implement a solar power program.

Since the solar panels were installed in 2017, we have been able to offset the heating and cooling of climate-controlled storage and the use of LED lights.

Solar Panel RoofStats

48kWdc capacity

53,400 kWh/ Year Production

176 panels

96% of energy is solar


Having a solar powered climate controlled storage facility is important for many reasons. A climate control storage facility requires a lot of electricity to heat and cool the storage units. By having solar panels on our facility we are able to limit our costs and environmental impact. Year after year we are able to maintain consistent electricity costs which allows us to keep storage prices consistent.

The sustainability of solar panels allows us to not rely on the reserves of coal and other natural resources to power our facility. The sun gives off energy everyday and we like being able to take advantage of this. Using a renewable resource limits our impact on the earth and allows us to be more sustainable.

Power Saving Comparison

So how much power are we saving by running a solar powered climate control storage facility? These are all based on 30 year estimates. Over the 30 year life of having solar panels its expected prevent the following.

600 Tons of coal

400 Tons of Landfill waste

1,200 tons of CO2

27,600 trees planted

2,565,300 Miles driven in a car

1,562,500 kWh

Sun Peak

We worked with a locally headquartered team at SunPeak to help plan and install our solar panel project. SunPeak is a commercial solar developer that is located not far from our facilities here in Madison, WI. They help with the design, engineering, installation, commission, and maintenance of the solar system over the duration of its existence.

You can see all of the ways we are dedicated to being eco-friendly. Or see our Current Dashboard and the progress that we have made so far.