Jul 31, 2020

Reasons to Rent Self Storage for Your Business

Reasons to Rent Self Storage for Your Business Featured Image

Your business operations and needs can change frequently. Renting a self-storage unit for your business can increase your flexibility with ever-changing needs. Your business has its own needs and you might find a storage unit to be perfect for your business. Using self-storage for your business can be tailored to your needs. Businesses use storage units in many different ways and find value the range of amenities differently. Learn from other businesses on why they rent a storage unit to help support their business.

Ways To Use a Self Storage for Your Business


Does your company have work vehicles? Some companies have vehicles that they use for work projects. Are some of the vehicles seldom used or for special situations? You might not have the storage space on site for such vehicles and it will be easier to keep them in storage. Keeping inside storage protects from weather and possible vandalism too.


Have extra equipment that needs a place to store it when it’s not in use? Maybe you run a landscaping business and don’t want to keep the trailer with your mowers in front of your house. Or do you have medical equipment that has sensitive electronics and needs to be kept in a climate-controlled environment?


Anything from shoes to pharmaceuticals can be stored in a storage unit. If you don’t have enough space to store all your inventory on-site storage can be a great solution. Using office space as storage for your company can get expensive. By using a storage unit, you can keep costs down while having easy access to your inventory.


Think about how clean you can keep your shop if you put all the extra parts to equipment or products in a storage unit. You can remove a lot of the clutter taking up space and increase productivity. Move all the things in your way into a storage unit and speed up your workflow.


Having extra raw materials for your products can take up a lot of space. Buying in bulk can help keep product costs down but that means you can have extra taken up space. Put your extra materials into storage to take up less space at your shop or office.

Office Records

Some businesses need to hold on to years and years worth of records in case they are needed again in the future. By storing them off-site you are able to keep them in a private location with fewer people having access to them. This makes them less likely to be tampered with at less of a security risk. If you have your files on your computers but need to keep the hard copies somewhere a storage unit can come in very handy.


Has your business ever changed office locations or done renovations on your current space? Then you know how difficult it can be to work around the piles of excess stuff. Move all the extra desks, conference room equipment, and inventory into a storage unit to simplify your move or speed up your renovation.

Amenities of Self Storage for Your Business

24-hour access/7 days a week

When you are storing things for your business you might need to access them at different times of the day. Many storage facilities have 24-hour access so you can get access to your items when you need them. You might have to be at work all day but need something from your storage unit. With 24-hour access, you can get them either after work that day or before work the next day.

Wide Aisles

Whether its large semi trucks or trailers that are bringing your items a wide aisle makes it much easier for your drivers to access your storage unit. Depending on how you are planning on visiting your storage unit having a wide aisle can really benefit your business. Moving trucks can come in many different sizes and appreciate the use of wide aisles.

Secure Storage

By having a storage unit, you can make sure that your items are securely stored. Sometimes when storing things at an office they aren’t stored securely and can be at risk of theft. By keeping your inventory or equipment at a storage facility it can limit the number of people who have access to these items. Your items will be securely stored at your storage unit they need to be used.

Drive-Up Access

Having drive-up access makes it much easier to load and unload your storage unit. With drive-up access, you don’t have to worry about hauling items up sets of stairs. You can easily unload your vehicle and put things in your storage unit. If you are going to access your storage units often this can come in really handy.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Storing items that need to be kept in a controlled environment is important to many businesses. Your products might need to be kept in an environment that is similar to an airconditioned house. If this is the case, then your products should be kept in climate-controlled storage. To learn about climate-controlled storage read our blog all about Climate Controlled Storage.

Many customers find that renting a storage unit is a great solution for their business. We hope that by renting a storage unit you will find it helps make your day to day business tasks easier. Contact us today for a quote and we can help you get started using your storage unit today.

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