Safety is OUR #1 Goal!TM

We have never had a theft or break in since opening in 2004! Our customers tell us we “run a tight ship”! As such, we don’t have the reputed issues associated with storage, thefts, holding “storage wars” auctions, drugs, garbage laying around. Not us…we want no part of those activities. Our grounds are spotless and look the part of a well run machine! How do we do it?

  • We carefully select each renter. Yes we have politely refused service.
  • We have well-lit aisles with our buildings very visible from the street (not hidden behind some other building).
  • We provide postings for information on Fire Safety, Building Security, and Personal Safety to all of our tenants. But more than just posting the information, we will go over the posters with you, present a flyer of the same info, and have dialogue on the various safety points. We ask our tenants to help by taking responsibility for their own safety.
  • Our fire extinguisher placement at all facilities follows City of Madison Fire Department placement guidelines. We believe we are the only facility in the market that follows those travel distance and height requirements!
  • NO SMOKING PLEASE! Please ask your movers and others helping you with your move, to refrain from smoking.
  • Guardian Cylinder Locks (the best in the business!), American-made, stainless steel are provided for your use during your stay.
  • Since 2009 we have been an approved K9 Training Facility for; City of Madison Police, Dane County Sheriff and Wisconsin K9 SOS. Having our 4-legged friends around keeps everyone on their best behavior!
  • All our outside cameras have red blinky lights to draw attention to our cameras…Smile, hope you are behaving!
  • We are in the City of Madison, not out in some rural, out-back place!
  • And, being family-owned and managed provides for continuity for quality service and management.

Safety & Community Involvement

We Are An Approved K9
Training Facility

Since 2009

Since 2009, we have been an approved K9 training facility for three agencies: City of Madison Police, Dane County Sheriff and Wisconsin K9 SOS.

Dane County Sheriff's Freeway Service Vehicle Sponsor

aka...Beltline Bob

We are proud to sponsor “Beltline Bob” Freeway Truck Service Program, operated by the Dane County Sheriff in conjunction with the Wis DOT. Equipped with a changeable message sign the vehicle assists motorists free of charge assisting stranded motorists, operating, on USH 12-18 from Interstate 39 – 90 to Old Sauk Road. Since our initial sponsorship, March 7, 2019 unveils our third generation vehicle! Since 2001, the program has logged over 900,000 miles, providing FREE service to over 89,000 stranded motorists!

Recipient of 2016 Sheriff’s Citizen Award

On Thursday, May 19, 2016 Sheriff Dave J. Mahoney presented to AppleWood Storage’s owner the 2016 Sheriff’s Citizens Award, in recognition for Applewood’s support the Beltline Freeway Service Vehicle.

Capital K9's & Madison
Mounted Supporter

We are proud supporters of Capital K9’s and Madison Mounted Teams, both valued services provided by the City of Madison Police Department. For more about each, please visit:

Move Over or Slow Down Educational Brochure

Designed and printed by AppleWood Storage Family Members

As an added extension of our support of the Dane County Sheriff’s Freeway Service Vehicle, we have provided over 10,000 of these Move Over or Slow Down educational brochures. A true AppleWood family effort with dad did a ride along with Deputy Eric N to take pictures and son, Kyle Wood with produced the final design. These are distributed by Dane County Sheriff’s staff. Each customer with AppleWood Self Storage also is provided their own copy.

View Brochure

Truck #2 is up and running! Dane County Sheriff's Freeway Service Vehicle Sponsor

aka...Beltline Bob

Thursday, March 7, 2019 Sheriff Dave rolled out another Freeway Service Vehicle, this one a full 1-ton to be able to handle those bigger tasks. This addition to the fleet provides for the ability to cover larger events in Madison, needing traffic assistance as well as providing FREE service to stranded motorists. Our AppleWood Storage family is grateful to continue providing our financial support of this great public safety program.

for college students

Prevention Through Education & Personal Responsibility

As owners of UW campus rental properties, we have always been concerned with student safety and how sometimes either lack of education or not using common sense can place residents in an unsafe situation. When touring our rental properties, we find too often that building security or fire protection measures have been disarmed or tampered with, so they don’t provide the safety protection intended.

Working directly with the Madison police and fire departments (see press release), we have developed a communication piece that focuses on building security, personal safety and fire safety. Our program involves:

  • Posting of a bright safety yellow and red 11″x17″ laminate poster in the common areas of the buildings.
  • During the lease signing, we go over the safety flyer with the residents and also provide a copy.

The intent is to educate and ask for their personal responsibility. We feel that the best prevention is through education, requesting personal responsibility, so that hopefully we can avoid a harmful situation.

For parents with a college student, our “Student Safety Flyer” is a must-read for them and their roommates! It focuses on safe living practices in their apartment, fire safety and personal safety tips.

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