Sep 08, 2020

Reasons to Leave an Aisle in Your Storage Unit

Aisle in your Storage Unit Featured Image

Typically, there are two ways to fill your storage unit. The first is to fill it up completely and leave it in there until you move everything out. The other is to have an aisle inside your storage unit. Most storage renters who leave an aisle tend to visit their storage unit more often. With an aisle, you can have better access, more organization and move out at your own pace.

What is an Aisle in Your Storage Unit?

An aisle is exactly what it sounds like. Keep space open in the center of your unit so you can access items on both sides with ease. It might seem like a waste of space to leave space open and not fill your storage unit completely. However, the perks of an aisle can quickly outweigh the need to fill that space.

The idea is to leave about 1-2 feet wide of space open from the front of your unit all the way to the back wall. Some people use multiple aisles because the items they are storing are small. Depending on the width of many of your items you can have one to two aisles to help organize your storage unit.

Why You Should Leave an Aisle in Your Storage Unit?

Easier to access

With an aisle, you can access more of your items. Having an aisle within your storage unit will make it possible to access items all throughout your storage unit. Rather than just being able to access the things at the front of your storage unit you can now access things along the back wall. Just move one or two boxes out of the way and you can reach any item in your storage unit. With an aisle you don’t need to plan the order you will need things to access them.

More Organized

With an aisle, you don’t need to plan as much but you can stay much more organized. If you take the time to put keep an aisle in your storage unit you will be able to find all the items in your storage unit quickly. Leaving an aisle within your unit allows you to organize where things are placed. Another thing that will help you stay organized is our moving inventory worksheet. With an aisle and the inventory checklist, you will find everything in your storage unit easily.

Staggered Moving

By being able to access anything in your unit you don’t have to move everything out of your storage unit at one time. You can move things a few items at a time. This helps make your house become less cluttered with extra items. You can fully unpack a few boxes at a time instead of having 100 boxes filling your living room and kitchen making you feel overwhelmed.

Take the time to move items out of your storage unit. Access just the items you want to so you can control the amount of clutter going to your new home. A staggered move like this makes your life so much more organized. As you move you can organize instead of just having everything there to overwhelm you.