May 10, 2021

Plastic Items That Are Great for Storage

Plastic Items for Storage Featured Image

A self-storage unit is a great place for using plastic items to keep your things safe. One might ask why you would want to use plastic items over other materials. Many materials are porous or can break down over time. The best two long-lasting materials are coated metal products which can become expensive and plastic which can be heavy-duty and last a long time. For the same reason, many people don’t like plastic is what makes it great for use in a self-storage unit.

Plastic Items to Use in Your Storage Unit

Plastic Pallets

The first way to increase the lifespan of things in your storage unit is to use plastic pallets to get things off the ground. Getting things off the ground prevents condensation to build up as the temperature changes. Wood pallets can do the same thing but can cause slivers or can bring in unwanted pests. Many insects use wood as homes and many wood pallets are left outside becoming homes to insects before bringing them inside. Once inside your storage unit, these insects might find new homes in your clothes or furniture.

Storage Unit ShelvingPlastic Shelving

Plastic shelving is a great solution especially if you want to stack lots of things. Just like plastic pallets, it gets your things off the ground and that can be great for keeping them safe. Another great thing about plastic shelving is you can access items at any height. You don’t need to plan out how to store things quite as much because you can access more things. Many types of plastic shelving are inexpensive and easy to put together. It is also not very heavy so if you decide to take it with you afterward it is easy to move.

Plastic Totes

Rather than boxes you can use plastic totes. We understand that many people find boxes to be easy to get and cost-effective. However, boxes have a couple of flaws that plastic totes can solve. The first of these is boxes can break down over time. Cardboard is just strong paper, and it tends to break down over time. The second is moisture, if boxes get wet, they will be ruined and so will your stuff. Plastic totes are often better at keeping out water. You can also get clear plastic totes so you can see what is inside of them. This makes it easy to find your things while in your storage unit. The strength of plastic totes makes them able to carry heavier items than you might be able to in a box. Plastic Bags and Totes

Plastic Bags

Just like totes they have many of the same benefits. It is best to use clear plastic bags when storing things in your storage unit. This way you can take advantage of all the benefits. They are usually watertight so they can keep water out but that means they can also keep moisture in. When using plastic bags, make sure to get all the moisture out before sealing them up or mold and mildew will creep in. Plastic bags are a great way to store clothes, stuffed animals, bedding, or other soft-sided objects.

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