Nov 07, 2017

Using Winter Storage to Make Space in Your Garage

Preparing for Winter Storage Featured Image

As we head into winter, it often becomes necessary to move things into seasonal storage. It’s the time of year for moving items you aren’t going to be using, such as your lawnmower, into your garage while moving things in your garage out to permanent storage. But getting started can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’ve been letting things stack up throughout the year.

Learn How Winter Storage Can Make Your Life Easier

Get the Right Setup

Organizing your garage often requires an investment in the right organizational tools. That means taking advantage of vertical space, purchasing cabinets and installing shelves. Vertical space is often the most important. You can hang tools along walls, put in floating shelving and organize any car supplies or sports equipment that you want to keep close.

Put Seasonal Items in Winter Storage

Your garage shouldn’t be used for permanent storage — that’s just inconvenient. Ideally, your garage should be used to store items that you need but aren’t currently using, such as seasonal items, tools, equipment and sports gear.

If you have items that you’re simply not going to use, such as furniture, it should be packed up and taken to your storage facility. A good test is whether or not you’ve used it in the past year. Anything that you haven’t used at all in the past year is not likely to be used at all.

Separate the Items That Need Climate Control

Before winter comes, it’s time to remove the items that need a climate-controlled area. These items include wooden and leather furniture, appliances, coins, collectibles and musical instruments. Though your items may have survived through the summer and fall, winter is going to bring with it some substantial temperature changes. To protect your belongings throughout winter, put them in a climate-controlled storage facility. What is climate control? Check out our climate control page for more information.

Get Rid of the Unnecessary Items

The less clutter, the better. A pre-winter garage sale can be just the way to clear out some of your unnecessary items. You can also make some pre-holiday spending money. If you have items that aren’t worthwhile to store (either in your garage or your self-storage unit), it’s probably not something that you still need. You can use online marketplaces and other classified listings to figure out the appropriate prices for your personal items.

Use Winter Storage to Make Space for Your Car

The winter months bring with it some dreary weather. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, many people use their garage only for storage, and they don’t park their car in it at all. But when winter comes you don’t want to be scraping your car off every morning. So during winter move that stuff to storage so you can put your car inside.  If your garage is a tight fit, you can place bumpers on the ground of your garage so you know exactly when to stop.

Get the Right Boxes

Cardboard boxes can be cheap and convenient, but they’re generally not meant to be stacked — at least, not safely. Plastic bins aren’t just easier to stack vertically but are also often transparent (which makes it easier to find items later on). If you have a pile of cardboard boxes in a corner of your garage, you may be able to save a significant amount of space simply by transitioning to plastic bins or plastic drawers. Here are some great clear plastic containers that can help you save space.

Naturally, you’re only going to have so much space in your garage. For all of the items that you just can’t fit in, you can invest in self-storage. AppleWood Self Storage LLC provides convenient, affordable self-storage units, so you don’t have to put everything in your garage. Give us a call today for more information on our storage units.