Apr 15, 2020

Long Distance Storage: Dorm Room

Long Distance Dorm Room Storage Featured Image

Every spring many parents call us about storing their student’s dorm room things for the summer. Madison WI is well known for having the University of Wisconsin, so we have an abundance of students who need to store things from their dorm over the summer. Often these families are from other states and need to rent a storage unit over the summer. We call this long-distance dorm room storage.

One of the things we specialize in is the ability to reserve a storage unit long-distance. What is a long-distance storage rental? It is when a renter is unable to meet us at the facility and is able to reserve a unit without meeting us in person.

Long Distance Dorm Room Storage

In March, we got a call from Scott who needed a storage unit because the UW-Madison dorms were closing down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. UW-Madison needed the students to clear their things out of the dorms in case they needed to use the rooms as places for medical professionals to stay. Scott lives in New York and was trying to get his daughter’s things moved out of her dorm room and into a storage unit.

They were given a deadline of April 6, to get her things out of her dorm room and with such a short turn around it was impractical for them to travel from New York to Madison. So, they enlisted AppleWood Self Storage to help with making this move hassle-free.

History with Student Dorm Room Storage

Dorm Room StorageWith our history of renting to many dorm students in the past, we knew what size would work best for him and his needs. Usually dorm room moves occur in mid-May, but due to the current circumstances these moves needed to happen in late March and early April. Most dorm students need a 5×10 either unheated or climate-controlled depending on the length of time needed and the items that are being stored. This year with the longer-term needed for dorm storage many of our renters chose to rent a climate-controlled storage unit.

Facilitating a Dorm Room Move to Storage

To help Scott with the move we were able to connect him with Two Men and A Truck to assist him with the move. Two Men and A Truck went to the dorm room to get all his daughter’s things, in order to bring them to the storage unit. Two Men and A Truck then brought the things to our 3017 Dairy Drive location and unloaded the unit.

As part of our unique agreement with Scott, Applewood Self Storage staff was on hand to supervise the move. We provided documentation that items were safely moved into the storage unit. We took photos to confirm the successful move and sent them to our customer so they knew everything was all taken care of.

To help your mover we have our site plans on our website. This way you can show your mover where your storage unit is located. Our site plans also show the aisle width so your movers can see that their trucks will fit with ease.  Site Plans

Confirmation of Move to Storage

Along with providing the customer with pictures of the stuff being moved into the storage unit we are also retaining the keys for them to collect when they come back to Madison in August. By waiting until August to gain possession of the keys they can’t get lost or have to be remembered when they arrive in Madison.

If you have an interesting moving situation and need help, give us a call at 608-442-8000 and we will try to help you in whatever way we can. Whether it is a long-distance move, moving recommendations or something else we can help provide you options when you give us a call.