May 30, 2017

How to Choose the Right Size Storage Unit

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Finding the Right Size Storage Unit

Choosing the right size storage unit for your needs can be difficult. However, using a storage facility for personal or professional items can be incredibly helpful. Whether you just need a way to limit clutter or a safe and secure place to keep important materials, storage is a great way to go. Once you find a facility, the real task is choosing the right unit to meet your needs. Here are some things to consider when figuring out what size will work best for you.

Things that affect choosing the right size storage unit

Length of Stay

The right size of the storage unit can vary based on how long you plan on staying. If you plan on using the unit for the foreseeable future, bigger is probably better. After all, who knows what else you might want to stow away as the years go on? You have more flexibility with a larger unit and can always downsize over time. When we have customers who are in between sizes we often recommend the larger size in case they forgot about something.

Sensitivity of Materials

Bigger storage units aren’t always needed when you’re keeping specific and important documents, such as:

  • Legal papers
  • Medical records
  • Deeds or personal documents

It’s nice to store important documents that don’t get regular use, but keep in mind that you might need to find something in a hurry. Too much space can make that difficult.


Vehicles are all different sizes and that means they require differently sized units. A motorcycle needs a much smaller unit than a sports car and an RV needs another size completely. Make sure to get the exact measurements of your vehicle cause not all units are exact dimensions. Door jams and door height can be why you need a larger unit than what you originally thought.

Consider Stacking Options

If you have sturdy items that can stand on top of each other, you can get by with a small unit that has a high ceiling. Make sure to ask about that when you call the storage facility. Our taller ceiling height has made it so many of our customers can get by with a smaller sized unit.

Some customers put up shelving to help them get the most out of the space. Also, think about how often you will need access to the items in your storage unit. Many customers will build an aisle down the middle to help make items easily accessible.

Rent the Right Size Storage Unit Today

Finding the right size storage unit can be a life-changer. Call AppleWood Self Storage to learn more about the right size for your needs or Request a Quote