May 07, 2020

Health and Safety Practices

Health and Safety Practices Featured Image

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic like many businesses, AppleWood Self Storage, LLC has reviewed its practices. We have made a variety of accommodations and practices to provide our customers with a safe experience. Your health and safety are important to us.  As an essential business, we have customers with moves scheduled before the pandemic started.

As early as the first week of March we enhanced safety protocols. On March 16th we created the attached COVID 19 Update that we share with all our customers electronically. We also inform our customers of these new practices over the telephone before scheduling an appointment. We also shared this with the Wisconsin Self Storage Association in an effort to assist in the health and safety of other facilities’ customers. They then shared it State-wide with their membership. While talking with our customers, and learning of new information we have continued to update our best practices for keeping everyone safe.

During Our Initial Phone Conversation With our Customer:

  • We ask you to bring your own pen (we have new pens if you forget)
  • Bring your own sanitation items (we have if you forget)
  • We indicate that we will maintain safe distances
  • We tell you that we will open all the doors for you
  • We will not touch your driver’s license or credit card
  • You will be the only one to touch your lease copy
  • Our office desk will be wiped down before you arrive
  • The key we provide you will be wiped down
  • We ask you if you wish to wash your hands in our bathroom

During Your Facility Visit & Lease Signing:

  • Only one customer at a time in our office
  • We will maintain appropriate distancing and go as slow and cautious as you are comfortable
  • We open all doors for you during the tour
  • Our office desk & chairs have been wiped down before your visit
  • We will not touch your driver’s license or credit card
  • The storage key we provide you will be cleaned with a wipe before giving to you
  • The lease you leave with will have ONLY been touched by you

When You Are At Your Storage Unit:

  • Have your own personal sanitation items with you
  • Consider opening doors with gloves or sleeved hand
  • When entering your key code, use a glove or sleeve

We also offer two other options to rent a storage unit:

  • We have a self-serve contact-free interaction process for you to rent your storage unit
  • Delivery of lease and keys to you if uncomfortable leaving home

 We can manage your move to prevent a risk to your health and safety:

  • While other storage companies require you to be here to manage your move, we have developed a process to assist COVID-19 impacted customers to manage your move for you
  • We can provide you with recommended mover recommendations that you can discuss and contract with to pack up your items and move to our facility
  • If you don’t have someone here to oversee the move, we can discuss options for you to have us be available to let your mover in and oversee the move
  • If we oversee your move-in we can provide pictures to document the move-in and retain your key

For any further need to discuss our COVID-19 practices or help with moving things into a storage unit give us a call at 608-442-8000. We hope you are all well in this trying time.