Mar 22, 2017

Four Tips to Make Your Next Big Home Move Easier

Four Tips to Make Your Next Big Home Move Easier Featured Image

Each year millions of Americans pack up and move to homes in new cities and states across the country. Discovering new locales is always exciting, but the process of packing, moving and unpacking yet again is inevitably exhausting. Here are four quick tips to make it easier.


1. Sift Then Save

Your very first step should be to sift through every item in your home, asking yourself whether you: love it, need it or use it. Things that don’t make the cut should be donated or sold.

2. Pare Down the Pantry

Moving is the perfect opportunity to cull pantry items that may be approaching their expiration date. Canned, refrigerated and frozen items should all be examined for freshness.

3. Isolate Important Belongings

Medications, identification and billing documents, contact information and other vital paperwork should be kept in its own separate safe location. This will ensure that you have ready access and prevent these critical items from being misplaced.

4. Store It

You may have certain items that you do not want to part with, but which you can’t properly display or use in your new home. Finding a reliable self-storage unit is an ideal way to preserve family heirlooms, valuable equipment or awkward furniture items until you can use them again.
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