Eco-Friendly Storage

With a Focus on Support of Law Enforcement and Green Energy Practices

Our family is life-long residents of Dane County. As a family-owned local business, we continually look for ways to enhance our community’s experience in the areas of the environment and safety.

To have an impact our efforts are focused on Community Safety and Environmental Green Energy by supporting our local law enforcement agencies and implementing green, energy-conservation practices at our facilities.

Overview of Support of Law Enforcement:

  1. All facilities are approved for K9 training, City of Madison, Dane County Sheriff, Wisconsin K9SOS
  2. Financial funding of Dane County Sheriff’s Freeway Service Vehicle, “Beltline Bob”
  3. Sponsor of K9 Dog Krahnie and providing complimentary storage unit to Capital K9’s
  4. Support Madison Mounted with complimentary storage unit

Overview of Environmentally Green Practices:

  1. Our company vehicles are Hybrid (SUV and truck).
  2. All lighting at 4019 Marsh Rd is LED. Other lighting replace with LED.
  3. 4019 Marsh Rd location is 96% solar energy efficient.
  4. All facilities are Green Built, employing Energy-Efficient Materials & Practices.
  5. Storage building components purchased locally from Trachte in Sun Prairie.
City of Madison Police Department — Self Storage in Madison, WI

Solar Panels at 4019 Marsh Rd:

Working with Sun Peak, ( our 4019 Marsh Rd storage campus’s solar system provides a projected 96% usage offset. With net-metering with MG&E over production is being served back to the grid. In months of low solar production, MG&E will supplement facility demand needs.
Applewood Storage Solar Panel — Self Storage in Madison, WI
Solar Project Program Flyer — Self Storage in Madison, WI

Storage Facility Design:

All building components, purchased locally from Trachte in Sun Prairie are Green Build, Energy Efficient Storage Units. Below are some of the features and benefits of using this type of system.
Reduced material use – More so than conventional construction, the design of a pre-engineered Trachte building system allows for the use of fewer construction materials. Through extensive testing and computer modeling, Trachte is able to reduce the amount of steel used to meet building specifications.

Reusable -Trachte steel buildings are made primarily from recycled materials and are 100% reusable. The buildings can be easily modified, providing a cost-effective means of construction and remodeling while also extending the life of the building. These products allow AppleWood Self Storage to increase the sustainability and amount of reusable material available.

Low VOC Finishes – All finishes applied by Trachte meet or exceed EPA regulations for low VOC paints, and come with high reflectivity that meet or surpass the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 29.

Energy efficient – Our insulation system achieves R-30 or more for the climate control buildings, assisting in lower utility costs.

Cool Roofs – Roof systems meets or surpasses the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) of 29. The “cool roof” guards against the Heat Island Effect which produces high relative temperatures in urban areas.

Transportation Costs – We purchased building components from the Trachte plant in Sun Prairie, WI. This reduced transportation energy costs. And because pre-engineered building components are low in weight, they require less freight and fewer trucks to ship.

Additional Community Involvement:

In addition to our focus on public safety and the environment, we have provided a lending hand for these organizations over the years:
Past years support:
  1. Ducks Unlimited – 2005 to 2013
  2. Oregon Food Pantry
  3. Oregon Youth Basketball & Soccer
  4. Second Harvest Food Pantry
  5. Edgewood College Mission Program
  6. Oregon Sportsman’s Club (Board Member)
Currently Supporting:
  1. Oregon Straw Hat Players
  2. Operation Christmas Child:
  3. Cars Curing Kids (Board Member)
  4. Cub Scout 350 (from Oregon)
  5. Wisconsin K9 SOS
  6. Various programs with City of Madison Police and Dane County Sheriff
Samaritan’s Purse Photo — Self Storage in Madison, WI
Woody Car with Kid and Miss Wis — Self Storage in Madison, WI