Jul 06, 2020

Climate Controlled Storage

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What is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

Climate-controlled storage units are designed to provide a steady range of temperature and relative humidity. This keeps your items from freezing in the winter or impacted by humidity during hot, humid summer months. Many items can also become damaged with wide ranges of changing temperatures. By storing your things in a climate-controlled storage unit they will be safe from the varying temperatures outside. In Wisconsin, temperature and humidity can vary quite a lot from day to day. By keeping your things in a climate-controlled storage unit, you are able to maintain a similar temperature and humidity to that of your home.

What is the Temperature of Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

The temperature in our AppleWood Storage climate-controlled units across 12 months will range between 50°F and 80°F. In order to keep the temperature fluctuation at a minimum, we create a more specific range based on the time of the year and the temperature and humidity impacts of those seasons. During the winter our storage units are typically between 55°F and 60°F. In the summer the temperature range is usually more around 65°F to 75°F.

What is the Humidity Control of Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

Just as damaging to your things in storage is humidity. At AppleWood Self Storage our humidity setpoints are intended to keep your things mold and mildew free. Mold can grow on items when the humidity is above 60% for over a 48-hour period. We keep our relative humidity in the storage facility below 60% to prevent any mold occurring. Each of our HVAC systems is on the Honeywell App that provides instant alerts to our handheld device any time a system is performing outside of our temperature and humidity set points.

Do I need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

When you are looking for a storage unit you might not be sure if you need a climate-controlled storage unit or not. The easiest way to decide if you need climate control is by asking yourself three questions.

What items need Climate Control?

Different items have different needs. Antique items or items that are expensive should often be kept in climate-controlled storage. A general mindset is if you wouldn’t keep it in your unheated garage, then it shouldn’t go in an unheated storage unit. Things that need climate control are:


Do you have electronics, records, or CD’s that you will be storing? If so then a climate control storage unit would be a smart idea as electronics can melt due to summer heat.


Antique furniture or other wooden furniture can warp, expand, and contract in the changing temperatures. This can put a lot of stress on the furniture and limit the life span of the furniture. The same thing goes for high-end fabric-covered furniture. Some fabrics can become brittle and crack when left in cold climates.

Musical Instruments

Any musical instruments need climate control protection if you expect them to stay somewhat in tune and ready to play.


Any canvas paintings should be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit. The canvas on paintings can stretch and contract when left exposed to the elements causing the paint to crack and potentially chip.

Other Items

Pool tables, oriental rugs, any collections of items, business journals, or books need climate control. Any photo albums, family keepsakes, memorabilia, need climate control.

Where are you storing and time of year?

Where you live can make a major difference in if you need climate control or not. In a climate like Wisconsin where it is around freezing for 4 to 5 months a year, and hot and humid in the summer, your things can really feel the effects of the elements. When you put them in a climate-controlled storage unit you will limit these effects. Think about what time of year you are storing. Temperatures can range a lot in fall and spring. If storing in a non-heated unit, your items will be impacted by these swings in temperature and humidity. With a climate-controlled storage unit, your items will have a consistent temperature and humidity control that will keep them in better shape for when you can use them again.

How long are you storing?

The duration of time you are storing things can also determine if you are storing your things in a climate-controlled storage unit or not. The rule is about 3 months but that can even be risky in humidity swing months of May through August. If you think you will be storing your stuff for longer than 3 months or during May through August you probably should have a climate-controlled storage unit.

When storing things longer than 3 months you have to think about all the effects that the outside temperature changes can have on your things. By putting your items in a climate-controlled storage unit you will be saving your items from all the abuse of outside temperature changes.

Different Types of Storage Units

Climate Controlled

A climate-controlled storage unit is one that has both the temperature and humidity-controlled. It will have heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Too many climate control facilities are renovated warehouses or shuttered big box store conversions. Offering a maze of hard to access interior storage units that often have smaller doors, support posts inside, lower ceilings. When storing at a facility built for self-storage you won’t have to deal with that and have more cubic feet for your stuff. AppleWood Self Storage has both interior and exterior access climate control units to provide you a choice in how you wish to access. Our range of sizes and having outside access units makes it possible to store large format items and sensitive equipment as well.

Unheated or Non-Climate Controlled

This is your standard storage unit. These units are often cheaper and have direct outside access. The temperature inside varies with the temperature outside. On sunny summer days, the temperature inside can become even hotter than what it is outside. Be aware if you are storing things like CD’s and electronics, have components that can melt if left in a unit that gets too hot.

Temperature Controlled

Heated Storage Units

This type of storage unit is heated in the winter but without temperature control in the summer. In the summer it will be similar to outside temperatures. Heated storage units are in colder climates where the summer temperature stays relatively mild. They are great for keeping things from freezing in the winter.

Air Conditioned Storage Units

In climates that are hot year-round that don’t have high humidity impacts, you might those markets offer just air-conditioned units instead of climate-controlled. These are great for keeping your things from getting too hot and melting. An Arizona summer heat can really damage your electronics and other furniture items.

Unique to AppleWood Self Storage Climate-Controlled Units

At AppleWood Self Storage we offer a range of outside access climate-controlled unit sizes from 10×15 to 13×33. Our units feature wider and taller doors with expansive blacktop out front for easy access. This makes backing in your RV, boat, car less stressful.  Or if you are moving in with a large 83’ moving semi or large trailer you can pull up right up to the door. Most vehicles don’t need to be kept in climate control but large RV’s with water tanks or vehicles with sensitive electronics probably should. Our range of sizes is designed to offer the right fit for all your storage needs. As part of our dedication to stress-free storage, we want to make sure your stuff is safe and you don’t have to worry about it while it is in storage.

Talk to us today to get yourself into a climate-controlled storage unit today. Or if you want to discuss your needs further we will give you a recommendation based on our experience.

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