Mar 01, 2016

Storage Stories with our Customers

Storage Stories with our Customers Featured Image

November 1, 2017
Trick or Treat Trio!

”Meet some of our more scary customers, this daughter trio of Stacy and Willy spooked our facility while getting ready for their new home. This is the kind of riff raff we like”!

November 13, 2016
Super Cleaning of Storage Unit #453!

Having Sister Joan Marie Stelman and her dad with us was a hoot! Here, her Dad shows off his cleaning of the unit upon move out. He insisted Joan Marie provide this photo of him in action! “I tried to get my Dad to scrub the unit out — but all he would do is sweep! I thought you would get a kick out of the picture.

Thank you so much for all your help! God Bless You! Sister Joan Marie Stelman”

January 15, 2016 Closing of unit #21
Hi Dave,
We have removed all items from the unit #21 in Sylvia Bailey’s name. She says hello by the way. We were talking the other day as to when she first met you and the FBI agent was there with you, she still laughs about that! Thank you for running a good business for my mom!
-Karen Anderson

New parents, Jonathan, Angela, seven-week-old child moving up from Houston to be closer to family.
Fun young couple … they arrive in two cars, and each unloads a child carrier, and we walk to show them their storage unit. One of the child carriers starts to meow. I look puzzled … they introduced me to Strawberry, the family cat!

DuFour W
DuFour W – Classic gentleman working through his wife’s last few weeks of hospice care, not sure of when he is leaving – “I’m worried about being able you know about when we are moving out.” We indicated that he has more important things to focus on. DuFour was grateful of our flexibility his not knowing his final schedule. Simply being able to help DuFour out was our privilege, as he is the consummate gentleman.