Nov 15, 2018

6 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Storage Unit

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Looking for a storage unit is a little bit like looking for an apartment. For many people, the ideal storage unit is one that is pest-free, affordable, and easily accessible. There may be many storage units in your area, but chances are that some units will look better than others.

You can find the right unit for your needs by shopping around, visiting different sites, and asking questions of the people who work there. These questions will help you in your search when looking for the right storage unit to fit your needs.

What’s important to know when looking to rent a storage unit?

1. How Much Money Do They Require Up Front?

Paying for a storage facility is a lot like paying for an apartment. In addition to the first month’s rent, many storage facilities will ask for a security deposit or a fee to cover administrative costs. If you’re looking for a discount, you may be able to find a storage facility offering the first month free or at a discounted rate.

Storage facilities often offer these discounts when they have space to fill. However, some facilities will offer a discount and then make up some of the amount lost by adding fees to the move-in costs. Investigate prices carefully when trying to save money, and always get a final price before signing on the dotted line.

2. When Is Rent Due and Are There Late Fees?

Rent is usually due monthly for storage facilities, and most facilities will have a late fee if payment is received after the due date. Find out how payments are accepted, and when the late fee will be applied if payment is not received on time.

Many facilities will offer a grace period if the payment is late, but you’ll need to know how long the grace period lasts and if a late payment has any other consequences besides a late fee.

3. What Are Their Pest Control Methods?Preventive Pest Control

Many storage facilities have a pest control plan to protect their property and the property of their renters. Ask your storage facility what they do to keep their facility free of pests. If you see evidence of pest control measures like mouse traps, this is a sign that a storage facility is doing what they need to do to protect their customers.

When you are looking for a storage unit pest control measures can be very important in helping reassure you that your stuff will be safe. You may even find that some storage facilities hire a professional pest control company.

4. What Hours Can You Access Your Storage Unit Your Looking For?

Many storage facilities are not open 24 hours per day. People who want to access to their possessions in storage must come during the hours available to renters. Sometimes these hours extend past the time when the office is open. Knowing the hours when the storage unit is accessible and the hours when the office is open can help when looking for a storage unit.

5. Are Renters Required to Have Insurance?

Some storage facilities will either require proof that their renters have insurance or will charge their renters for insurance administered through the rental facility. If you have homeowners or renters insurance, your policy may cover off-site belongings. If the storage facility you want requires you to have insurance, contact your renters or homeowners insurance company before paying for a separate policy.

6. When Looking For a Storage Unit It’s Important to Be Aware Of a Required Time Commitment?

Some facilities may require their renters to commit to a rental that lasts a specific period of time, especially if the facility offers a steep discount for the first month. Find out the minimum amount of time that the facility expects you to occupy your storage unit, especially if you only intend to use the facility for short-term storage.

For more information about the best ways to find a reputable storage unit in your area, contact Apple Wood Self Storage LLC. We’re happy to provide you with information that will help you find a storage unit that will work for you.