Jan 03, 2019

2 Furniture Items to Put Into a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

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Climate-controlled storage units are a great way to protect valuable furniture. Climate-controlled storage units allow you to keep your furniture in an environment that is similar to the inside of a home, with consistent temperature and humidity. Some of these belongings include both wooden and leather furniture.

If you aren’t sure what climate-controlled storage is, check out our What is Climate Control? page.

What Types of Furniture Should be Stored In Climate Controlled Storage?

1. Leather Furniture 

Leather furniture needs ideal conditions to stay in good shape, which is why climate-controlled storage units are the perfect place to store leather furniture. When the humidity is too low and the heat is too high, leather can crack. High humidity levels are not good either. When the humidity is too high, mold can develop on your leather furniture.

Properly prepare leather furniture before placing it into storage. Apply a leather conditioner and allow time for the conditioner soak into the furniture. You don’t want to put leather furniture into storage when the weather is wet — that could lead to mold issues. The leather conditioner will strengthen the leather.

If you plan to store a leather couch or chair, remove the cushions if possible and vacuum under the cushions. If you can’t remove the cushions, vacuum around the cushions where they meet with the base of the furniture.

Leather is vulnerable to punctures and tears. Keep all sharp objects away from your leather furniture. Use padding to keep leather furniture safe as you transport the leather furniture to the storage facility.

Once at the storage facility with your leather furniture, place it carefully inside your storage unit. Do not place other items up against or on top of your leather furniture. Stacking items up against or on top of your furniture can lead to cuts and tears in the leather. Too much pressure on your leather furniture over time can also leave permanent depressions on your leather furniture.

Give your leather furniture breathing room, and cover the furniture up with a breathable fabric or furniture padding. Do not use bubble wrap or any plastic materials to protect your leather furniture. This is because plastic materials hold in moisture, which can lead to mold.

2. Wooden Furniture

Wood is for all types of furniture, from dining room tables and china cabinets to bed frames and bookshelves. Wooden furniture should last for decades with proper care.

A regular storage unit presents some challenges for wooden furniture. Varying humidity levels can cause wood to swell and shrink.

The swelling and shirking of wooden furniture is extremely damaging. The effects of moisture can cause issues with the glue and finish on wooden furniture. The effects of humidity can also cause joints holding the furniture together to become misaligned. Additionally, expansion and shrinkage due to humidity can cause wood to split.

Properly prepare wooden furniture before putting the furniture into storage. Apply a coat of wooden furniture polish to the furniture. The wooden furniture polish will seal the wood and protect it.

Next, wrap your wooden furniture with breathable material, such as soft blankets or old sheets. Never warp wooden furniture in plastic. Plastic holds in moisture, which can damage your wooden furniture.

To protect both you wooded and leather furniture from moisture that leaches from concrete floors, do not place wooden and leather furniture on the floor of a storage unit. First, place a sheet of plastic on the floor to hold off any moisture that comes from the floor. Additionally, you can put pallets, plywood boards, or wooden blocks on the floor to elevate the furniture.

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