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Why AppleWood Storage?

Family-Owned Since 2004
We are family-owned, local, with our focus on providing a stress-free experience. Suddenly because of a "Life Event" driving a change in your life, you now find yourself needing a self storage unit. Our job is really about providing stress relief by listening, having you, the customer educate us on your situation, then our providing the right storage fit recommendations. Our family is grateful to have the opportunity to assist each and every customer, providing a safe, trustworthy mini storage experience! We have three modern built-for-storage, in the City of Madison (not out in the country) facilities conveniently located for Madison, McFarland, Monona, Fitchburg, Cottage Grove, Sun Prairie, Stoughton, Oregon, Verona, Middleton, Downtown Madison, and UW Campus. Each facility is 24/7 access and all units are easy-access, ground-floor drive-up units (your mover will love our access!)

100% Unit Delivery Guarantee

Rest assured we will deliver what was promised to you

Since opening in 2004 we have ALWAYS delivered to our customers their storage unit as promised! Have you ever had your self storage unit confirmation in hand only to show up and be told your storage locker was given to someone else. This has NEVER happened with us! We have a reservation process that once we’ve discussed with you via telephone your needs and timing, and we have from you your email confirmation and credit card on file, your reservation process is complete! At that time we have taken off the market the storage locker size you have confirmed in your email reservation process. So you can rest assured that when you arrive to one of our facilities in Madison, you will have waiting for you the mini storage unit size needed AND on the date you need it by!

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Easy Ground-Floor Drive-Up Access

your movers will love our access!

All units are 1-story ground level, easy drive up access for you or your movers (with no steps, long distances or a broken elevator to deal with)! With such easy access, your movers (or you) will be less tired and can have more energy to carefully take care of moving your items. Your 83′ moving semi truck or box truck will like our facility design with wide aisles, driving right up to the door to unload! (shown here at 3017 Dairy Dr unloading directly next to the climate control storage unit).

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Large Business & Contractor Storage Units

big 1-story, ground-floor units, wide aisle drive-up access

We have BIG non-heated and climate control public self-storage units for those big recreational toys or for business inventory storage and contractor use. These BIG storage units feature, wider and taller doors ranging from 11’W x 12’T, and 12’W x 11’T storage locker options and 14’W x 14’T RV building, all with wide aisles out front for easy access. Length options range from 30 to 33″ long. All our modern units feature metal buildings with interior metal walls (not drywall, concrete block or plywood) with insulated ceilings (keeps condensation from dripping), raised concrete floors, easy roll-up doors with top and bottom weather stripping, and blacktop aisles for less dust. (shown here is a non-heated 12×30 storage unit with 11’x12′ door)

see unit sizes and descriptions

Climate Controlled Storage Units

temperature and humidity controlled options

Our climate-controlled storage rooms are professionally designed for climate-control storage, maintaining a range of 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are concerned about humidity and freezing, you should consider choosing a climate control self storage unit. We also have direct outside-access storage units as well as inside. All units are 1-story, ground floor, easy drive up access with no stairs or elevators! (shown here hallway at 4019 Marsh Rd, building C).

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Safety is Our #1 Goal™

zero thefts since opening in 2004!

Honestly, we are fussy who we have as customers. Our non-smoking facilities are in the City (vs. out in the country), they are meticulously clean, well-lit and easily-visible buildings. Our outside cameras have blinking red lights flashing 24/7. We work with the Madison Fire Department to maintain a code-compliant fire safety plan. We provide for customer use our Guardian Cylinder or Abus Disc locks. Each inside-access building has it’s own separate access code scheme. We are also a K9 training facility for both the City of Madison, Dane County Sheriff and Wisconsin K9 SOS teams! We take safety seriously! (shown here is Deputy Kelley & K9 Rico, now retired, conducting a training session).

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Proudly Supporting Our Partners in Safety

Financial Supporter of Dane County Sheriff's Freeway Service Vehicle

We are proud of our long-standing association with these agencies; Dane County Sheriff, City of Madison K9’s and Madison Mounted and Wisconsin K9 SOS programs. (shown here is Dane County Sheriff’s Freeway Service Vehicle at 3017 Dairy Dr in spring 2012). A second Freeway Service Truck was put into service March 7, 2019. This is a 1-ton to handle those big jobs! Our AppleWood Family is grateful to continue our financial support of this safety program, that provides FREE assistance to stranded motorists.

REMEMBER…when you see flashing lights, it is a State Law that requires you to MOVE OVER to another lane for safe passage…and slow down please! Safety Is Our #1 Goal…you can help!

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Our Easy & Thorough Process Takes Away the Stress!

Let’s face it, the only reason you need us is because you are involved in a “Life Event” that is very personal to you. Whether pleasurable or painful “that Life Event” is driving something changing in your life. Our job is to understand your “why” so we can be empathetic to your situation, removing some of the heartburn that the whole moving thing can cause by providing you a better public mini storage experience!

Step 1

Determine Your Needs

You talk, we listen. Then we make storage unit recommendations from what you have shared with us about your individual situation to provide you with the right self storage unit fit!

Step 2

Schedule A Showing

We will show you our recommended self-storage shed size(s) so you can get a visual idea of what storage space will accommodate your needs.

Step 3

Sign the Lease & Move In

If you like what you see, you will sign a lease and be issued a key. Showing and lease signing only takes 15 minutes. We also provide you with a FREE Guardian Cylinder lock or Abus Disc lock to use during your stay with us! We will also send you a “Welcome Email” for you to retain.

Step 4

Easy Move Out Process

Email us by the 15th of the month that you are leaving. Broom-sweep your unit, and drop off the keys in our secure dropbox. That’s it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about security? (Safety Is Our #1 Goal)


Our just-off-the-Beltline storage facilities are located in the City of Madison (not rural or desolate locations). Our buildings are situated right next to the road (not tucked in way behind somewhere, out of sight). So visibility from the road is excellent. We also have professionally placed security cameras to discourage poor behavior. Being in Madison we have the benefits of city police and fire protection (fire hydrants located right at our driveway). Since opening in 2004, we have never had any break-ins. With Safety Our #1 Goal (vs.being full at all cost approach), we tend to be pretty fussy with who are customers are and don’t deal with “riff-raff” very well. With how we run our facility, we are privileged to have law enforcement officers, fire fighters and other public officials as our customers.


Plan and protect! Protect by; use plastic containers and totes keeps dust and mice out and they are great for stacking. You may want to wrap your sofa, chairs and mattresses in plastic. Also, using boards or pallets to keep things up off the floor or a tarp is always a good idea. Consider what items need to be marked “fragile” or “this side up”.

Plan by; mark each plastic tote/box in 2-3 spots. Spread weight around in more than one tote. Visualize in your mind your storage room space to organize what will go in the back that you know you won’t need. Also, if you will be needing periodic access to things, consider leaving a walk aisle. See our Moving Resources section for; Moving Box Label Kit, Moving Inventory and Moving Tips PDF’s.


Customers typically need a climate-controlled storage room (often called “conditioned space) if storing; antique or fine furniture, oriental rugs, musical instruments, pianos, pool tables, household appliances, electronics, furs, fluids (things that can’t freeze). Also collections of; photos, paintings, fine art, books, stamp, coin, comics, and archival quality documents and professional journals and books should be in climate control storage rooms. Duration of needing a storage room and time of year is a factor as well.

A temperature-controlled storage environment is one that uses heat to keep from freezing and air conditioning to cool from excessive heat but does not manage humidity! With temperature-control, relative humidity (RH) in the winter months is generally in the 20-40 percent range; in the summer months, RH can creep up over 60 percent. Mold can grow in a temperature range above 40°F and below 100°F if the RH% is above 60 for 48-72 straight hours. Our climate-controlled buildings maintain a range from 50-85°F (winter season at 55-60°F and summer season at 80-85°F) with an RH below 60 percent. So while a temperature-controlled facility can protect from heat and freezing, they cannot maintain that important RH level below 60 percent throughout the year!

Our climate controlled storage units are professionally designed for this use (unlike a converted grocery store or warehouse retrofit). Each building has multiple entry points for no long hallways…and we have NO stairs to climb, no broken elevator to deal with!

PDF: Protect Your Valuable in a Climate Controlled Facility

For customers out of state or overseas, we typically have a telephone conversation to discuss your situation in terms of timing and how you are moving in (truck, moving van, large moving semi, etc.). From that conversation, we make a self-storage unit recommendation, confirm prices and availability per your time schedule. Once you agree to our recommendation, you provide a credit card to reserve. Then you send us a confirming email, agreeing to what was discussed. We will email back confirming the storage room number and facility location. At this point, we take that mini storage unit off the market, as it is now in your name. This is part of our 100% Unit Reservation Guarantee program!

“I was very happy with the overall facility and cleanliness of AppleWood Self Storage. I found your prices to be very fair and comparable but your storage in Madison was much nicer than the other ones closer to home here in Fitchburg, which is why I chose your facility. Thanks for everything and if I need a storage unit in the future, I know exactly where I am going to go.”

Sandra, Madison, WI


To assist you in your actual move, we have created resources and worksheets for your use.
We hope they will make your move easier and less stressful!

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