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Safety Is Our #1 Goal™

When I go to the annual storage conferences and sit in roundtable discussions, I listen to all the problems facility owners are dealing with, from break-ins, theft, drugs, garbage left on site and having to do multiple self-storage auctions each month. When they turn to me and ask how we are doing, frankly they don’t believe the response they get … only four auctions since opening in thefts, no drugs, no issues, we like it that way!

Approved K9 training facilities

k-9 working

​Our focus on safety has been going on for years, but it took initial shape in 2009 when we launched our “Safety Through Education & Personal Responsibility” campaign” campaign, targeted towards incoming UW students. Soon after, we migrated to a series of fire-safety messages that would be of value to our storage customers moving in and out of new residences. We then sought out other safety messages to impact other facets of our customers’ lives. That body of work can be found on our safety and resources page. Please feel free to share any these safety messages with those you care about dearly.

Freeway Service Vehicle Sponsor


We are proud to sponsor “Beltline Bob” Freeway Truck Service Program, operated by the Dane County Sheriff in conjunction with the Wis DOT. Equipped with a changeable message sign the vehicle assists motorists free of charge assisting stranded motorists, operating, on USH 12-18 from Interstate 39 - 90 to Old Sauk Road.


Recipient of 2016 Sheriff’s Citizen Award

citizen award

On Thursday, May 19, 2016 Sheriff Dave J. Mahoney presents to AppleWood Storage’s owner the Sheriff’s Citizens Award, in recognition for Applewood’s support the Beltline Freeway Service Vehicle.

Madison Mounted Supporter


We are proud supporters of Capital K9’s and Madison Mounted Teams, both valued services provided by the City of Madison Police Department. For more about each, please visit:

Net is, We Care

Storage industry statistics indicate that 95% of theft problems stem from an existing customer that shouldn't have never been rented to. Also, over 65% of storage customers are actually female. Since opening in 2004 we have never had any issues...wonder why?

officer and dog
Collectively, the array of tactics we employ day in and out provide the best possible secure self storage environment in the country! Those tactics include:

  • We’re picky about whom we rent to (vs. the "being full at all cost" approach) rent and have access to units.
  • We provide Guardian Cylinder locks for customers to use during their stay. See lock video or lock PDF.
  • Facilities in the City of Madison (not rural sites) for full police and fire protection.
  • Storage units highly visible from the road
  • In safe neighborhoods. (Police and Fire Training Centers very close by)
  • Red blinking security cameras – on 24/7!
  • Approved K9 dog-training facilities, City of Madison, Dane County Sheriff, K9 SOS.
  • Even our lawn mowing is done by a retired Dane County Sheriff!
  • Meet with city officials to stay aware of public trends.

In the Media – Kudos to Our Safety Programs

College Student “Prevention Through Education & Personal Responsibility” Program
January 21, 2009 - Fire Department Press Release

Announcing Our Sponsorship of “Beltline Bob” Dane County Sheriff’s Freeway Vehicle
Dane County Sheriff Freeway Service Vehicle Unveiled

AppleWood Owner is Recipient of 2016 Dane County Sheriff’s Citizens Award
Press Release