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Safe Clean Modern Wisconsin Self Storage

Safe, Clean & Modern

Professionally Designed Self Storage Wisconsin

Professionally Designed

Customer Service Oriented Self Storage Wisconsin

Customer-Service Oriented

Why Choose AppleWood Self Storage?

Mission Statement ... Safety is OUR #1 Goal

Folks looking for a secure self-storage unit to rent contact us due to a variety of life-event reasons. Regardless of why you need a mini storage unit, let's face it, getting ready to move can be stressful, and the physical move itself is simply a lot of work. We know it's more than "just storage". What excites us is being able to assist our customers in providing a solution to their public self storage needs, playing a role in getting them to that next place or providing an effective business storage solution.

Our goals are really simple – to provide you the safest possible product and to offer the easiest storage experience we can. Since 2004 the stories of why one needs public storage abound, yet one common theme remains...providing a safe, trustworthy mini storage experience. Our family is grateful to have the opportunity to assist each and every customer!

Storage Is All We Do:
Self Storage is our sole purpose. We don't operate other businesses! We provide you with uncluttered, squeaky-clean, dry, self-storage and climate-control facilities. Our non-heated drive up unit sizes are; 5’x10’ to 12’x30’ and RV 16’x50’. At 3017 Dairy Drive our climate-controlled unit sizes are; 5'x5' to 10x20', with some units having wider and taller 9’ or 14' doors. All units are 24/7 access.

Who Are We?
Our family is native to Madison. My bride and I have professional careers in Corporate Marketing, Real Estate, Accounting, and Entrepreneurial Program Development. We graduated college here, was a City of Madison Firefighter and have owned real estate since 1980. We have young lads that assist in the business. We have been involved with; coaching sports, youth archery, Cub Master & Scout Troop Treasurer, and providing support in the classroom, and serving on various local boards. We have provided support to; United Way, Second Harvest Food Pantry, Oregon Straw Hat Players, Oregon Sportsman Club, City Church's annual "Operation Christmas Child", and active supporters of three K9 agencies; City of Madison, Dane County Sheriff and Wisconsin K9 SOS. We pride ourselves in working to make a difference and set positive examples.

What Is Your Life Event (What is your "Why")?
Let's face it, the only reason you need us is because your family is involved in pleasurable or painful "a Life Event". Our job is to understand your "why" so we can be empathetic to your situation, removing some of the heartburn that the whole moving thing can cause by providing you a better public mini storage experience!

Professionally Designed Public Mini Storage Facilities:
We realize you have a lot of choices in the area. Our mini storage facilities were built just for storage. Our climate-controlled building is professionally designed for climate-control storage, maintaining a range of 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit (we are not a converted grocery store or renovated warehouse). Our Madison public self-storage units feature metal buildings with interior metal walls (not drywall, concrete block or plywood) with insulated ceilings (keeps condensation from dripping), raised concrete floors, easy roll-up doors with top and bottom weather stripping, Guardian Cylinder Locks, and all aisles are blacktop for less dust. Lastly, for excellent water control, we were critical in our site selection and the design of our secure self-storage facilities.

Are Your Facilities Moving Van Accessible?:
Yes! We know that your over the country, long-haul move is expensive. Our facilities are very accessible to those big rig moving vans. Your long-distance mover will love the easy access and you won’t have to deal with a surcharge or shuttling of your possessions from the large truck to a smaller one, costing you more money and placing your possessions at additional risk of being damaged.

Why We Are Different/Safety is Our #1 Goal at AppleWood Self Storage

Since 2004, Locally Owned & Managed ... For 100% Unit Delivery:

Being locally owned & managed we can provide you better service at a more affordable price than national chain storage lockers ... and we are very proud of the fact we have ALWAYS delivered a unit to the customer as promised!

Our 100% Unit Delivery Guarantee As Promised at AppleWood Self Storage

Mini Storage Built for Your Convenience:
Our mini storage facilities are one-story drive-up units, so you can drive right up next to your unit for convenient loading and unloading (no hauling down long hallways, no trudging up and down stairs or loading in an elevator). The longest walk to our farthest climate-controlled units is only 70 feet. Our aisles are wide, well-lit and blacktop-paved for clean loading and unloading.

How Do I Rent A Mini Storage Unit?

What to Expect When Meeting to Rent a Self Storage Unit From Us:
When you visit our family-owned and managed mini storage facility to look at a storage garage, you will be visiting a modern, clean storage facility. When you call us, we will discuss what you are storing, when you need a unit by and how long you anticipate staying with us. From this information, we will make size recommendations and schedule a showing appointment with you. At that appointment, we will show you the recommended self-storage shed size(s) so you can get a visual idea of what storage space will accommodate your needs. Once you have decided on a size, and if you are comfortable with us, you will sign a lease and be issued a key. Your lease is a month-to-month lease (calendar month). Lastly, we also send you a "welcome" email to make it easy for you to contact us. SAVE this email to use when notifying us of your move out. You will NOT need to purchase a lock, as we will provide you with the Guardian Cylinder lock system for the duration of your stay for FREE. We accept Visa and MasterCard, charging your card at the first of each month. If while during your stay you need to change to a larger size, downsize or add another unit, we will work to accommodate you.

When To Call Us?

Seasonally, there are a lot of reasons you need a mini self storage space. Below is a schedule of when you should be contacting a mini storage facility to discuss availability about a storage unit:

    When to Call
  • Feb. - May
  • Mar. - Apr.
  • Oct.

How Do I provide my Move Out Notification?
Remember the "welcome" email we sent you (that you saved)? We require you to email us your move-out notice by the 15th of the month (most facilities want a 30-day notice). Failure to provide us the emailed notice by the 15th of the month you are leaving forfeits the security deposit. When you vacate, we ask that you "broom clean" the mini storage unit and lock it down securely. IMPORTANT: Return the key(s) you were issued to us in an envelope with your name, unit number and forwarding address written on the envelope. At Marsh Road, drop your envelope into the brass mail slot in the white door at the first building. At Dairy Drive, drop your envelope into the black drop box located at entry A of the climate-controlled building. Envelope with keys MUST be returned on or before the last day of the calendar month.

Moving Resources

To assist you in your actual move, we have created a Moving Box Label Kit and Moving Inventory Worksheet for your use. Also to assist you in getting your home ready for sale and your move into our self-storage units, we have provided these informational flyers. Whether you rent from us or not, please feel free to print a copy of any of these resources. We hope they will make your move easier! For an array of other resources, please visit our safety education and resources page.

Storage Facility Site Plans for Your Mover

If you are contracting for others to move your possessions into our storage facilities, refer them to the site plans for our just-off-the-Beltline storage facilities. Tell them which facility and unit number(s) of your self-storage locker(s). Then your mover will know before they pick up your possessions, the logistics of moving into our self storage facilities. Your mover will readily see just how easy their work will be!